Differences Between ATA Carnet and CPD Carnet in Indonesia

Differences Between ATA Carnet and CPD Carnet in Indonesia

In the world of import and export, understanding the instruments used in trade is essential. One crucial aspect is understanding the differences between ATA Carnet and CPD Carnet. Both are documents used to facilitate cross-border trade, but they have different purposes and functions.

What is ATA Carnet?

ATA Carnet is an international document that allows goods to enter and exit member countries temporarily without paying taxes or duties. Its function is akin to a passport for goods. This document is particularly useful for companies that frequently send goods for exhibitions or events abroad.

Benefits of ATA Carnet:

  1. Ease of Goods Transfer: Goods can be easily moved between countries without tax or duty barriers.
  2. Lower Costs: No additional costs for temporary taxes or duties.
  3. Time Efficiency: The process is faster as there’s no need to wait for tax approvals or processing.

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What is CPD Carnet?

CPD Carnet is a specific document used for private motor vehicles when traveling across borders. It allows vehicle owners to avoid temporary import taxes or duties that may be levied when entering another country.

Benefits of CPD Carnet:

  1. Easy Cross-Border Travel: No barriers or additional costs for moving vehicles between countries.
  2. Cost Savings: Avoidance of temporary taxes and duties reduces travel expenses.
  3. Convenience: The process is smoother and requires less additional documentation.


Although ATA Carnet and CPD Carnet aim to facilitate cross-border trade and travel, they serve different functions and purposes. ATA Carnet focuses more on temporary goods, while CPD Carnet is tailored for motor vehicles. By understanding these differences, companies and individuals can effectively utilize both documents in their trade activities.

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