Bravo Customs and Excise Indonesia: A Solution for Public Communication with Customs Authorities

Bravo Customs and Excise Indonesia A Solution for Public Communication with Customs Authorities

The Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DGCE) has introduced Bravo Customs and Excise, a communication channel designed to facilitate public interaction with the authorities. Through this channel, the public can make statements, request explanations, or even lodge complaints with the DGCE.

Communication Statistics

According to the Director General of Customs and Excise, Askolani, as of March 2024, approximately 6,000 communications have occurred through Bravo Customs and Excise. These communications include requests for guidance, questions, explanations, or complaints.

Commonly Asked Questions

The questions received by Bravo Customs and Excise are diverse. However, three questions frequently asked by the public are:

  1. The status of imported goods
  2. Procedures for processing import documents
  3. Import duties and taxes imposed on imported goods

Bravo Customs and Excise Services

Bravo Customs and Excise serves as the DGCE’s contact center, acting as a hub for receiving and disseminating information about customs and excise. Additionally, this service also handles complaints in the customs and excise domain from the public or service users.

The public can access Bravo Customs and Excise services through various channels, including telephone (1500225), email, web chat, or social media. For example, the Twitter account @bravobeacukai often receives questions about import regulations and tracking of shipped goods.

Information and Warnings from the DGCE

In addition to receiving questions and complaints, the DGCE, through Bravo Customs and Excise, frequently provides information about customs and excise regulations to the public. They also warn the public to beware of various forms of fraud.

With Bravo Customs and Excise, the DGCE hopes to enhance transparency and efficiency in customs and excise processes, as well as build better relations with the public.

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Enhancing Transparency and Public Trust through Bravo Customs and Excise

An important aspect related to Bravo Customs and Excise is how this service contributes to increasing transparency and public trust in the DGCE.

Transparency in customs and excise processes is crucial to ensure that all parties understand their rights and obligations. With Bravo Customs and Excise, the DGCE aims to provide clear and understandable information to the public about various aspects of customs and excise, including import procedures, duty rates, and taxes.

Furthermore, Bravo Customs and Excise also serves as a channel for the public to convey questions or complaints. This creates a more responsive environment where the public can feel that their voices are heard and their questions or concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Public trust is a valuable asset for the DGCE. By providing responsive and transparent services like Bravo Customs and Excise, the DGCE hopes to build and maintain that trust. This will assist the DGCE in carrying out its duties more effectively and ensuring that the public receives the services they need and deserve.

Thus, Bravo Customs and Excise not only facilitates communication between the public and the DGCE but also contributes to enhancing transparency and public trust in the DGCE. This is a crucial step towards a fairer and more efficient customs and excise system.

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